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Clinical research organizations (CROs) are fast becoming innovation partners for biopharmaceutical companies. Widely acknowledged for their clinical trials and therapeutic expertise, CROs can help shrink timelines and budgets, while helping biopharmaceutical companies to remain competitive. CROs are also experienced in quickly developing and adopting game-changing advances in digital and scientific technologies.

Biopharmaceutical companies that partner with CROs not only gain marketplace advantages, expertise, proprietary processes and faster execution, they also benefit from innovations developed by CROs to create greater efficiencies that help bring drugs to market faster.

The recent shift in the biopharmaceutical company-CRO relationship from project-specific outsourcing to strategic alliances has made it easier for biopharms to consider CROs as innovation partners. Based on furthering portfolio objectives, these multi-year alliances include more input from the CRO and leverage years of perspective, expertise and tactical approaches.

Furthermore, strategic alliances enable CROs to focus more deeply on the commercial and regulatory viability of compounds much earlier in the drug development lifecycle.

This white paper surveys some of the leading innovations in study design, science and technology being pursued by CROs to transform the overall clinical development process. Read more about:

Better Study Design for More Efficient End Points

  • Proof-of-Concept Study Design Facilitates Informed Decision Making
  • Adaptive Trials Increase Clinical Trial Agility
  • The Increasing Value of Biomarkers

Next-generation Data Management Strategies

  • Electronic Document Management Systems Improve Access to Key Documents
  • Electronic Medical Records Facilitate Data Capture

Next-generation Patient Recruitment Strategies

  • Leveraging the Internet to Recruit Patients into Trials
  • Social Media Attracts Digitally Savvy Patients

New Drug Development Business Models
  • Beyond Drug Development: The Future

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INC Research has been at the forefront of innovating all stages of the clinical trial process, from initial first-in-human clinical trial designs to Phase IV trials. Working with INC Research, customers access innovations that bring new life to existing clinical development programs and accelerate new ones.

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